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my confession: I regularly jaywalk and ignore crosswalk signals

hi there. It is not yet five o' clock, but it is already dark outside. The newly painted Space Needle is starting to glow above the flashing lights of Seattle Center. I think the rain has stopped for the day.

I stayed up late last night finishing How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents and writing some answers for my Nutritional Epidemiology midterm. I tried to work on it at Solstice after Brendan left to read to the kids, but didn't get much done. When I went back inside, I sat at one of the larger tables where some older guy had set up his laptop computer using all sorts of tools. By tools, I mean something like a pliers, but not exactly. He also had a regular-sized keyboard plugged into it and seemed to be having troubles. He kept complaining about the music and the lack of hot women coming to sit by him.

I was a little more productive after I moved somewhere else and plugged in my computer.

Today I went to class and the professor was late. I felt redeemed for my first day tardiness. We got our first papers back and I was pleased with the results of not over-editing.

After classes, I went to work downtown and now it's dark. Maybe I'll try to hear Dan Savage read from his new book. Or maybe I'll just go home since I had to get up early today.

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