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notes on the wedding (saturday)

The morning: getting up for the big MSU-UM game, eating donuts and tailgate foods, waiting for Matt and Aaron to arrive, thinking about walking down to the lake, deciding that halfway down was far enough, writing a page of actual memories, waiting for the women to return from the hair place.

When Jenna returned, she, Aaron, Matt, and I went to meet Martha, Dawn, Michael, and Stephanie at the New Brick (Hide-A-Way). When we got there, we were confronted with the sight of hundreds of motorcycles. Evidentally, the place turns into a biker bar for one special day each year. This happened about ten minutes before we arrived. Instead of staying, we drove to the Red Arrow Roadhouse since it sounded like a likely place to find food, beer, and television. It turned out to be a place that also featured many taxidermized animals.

Back at the hotel, Cousin Steve-Dog taught us about the photo guestbook and generating buzz about it. We presented the scrapbook to Jennifer while Morgan strummed his guitar in the background. Getting ready for the wedding, we helped to alphabetize rocks.

The wedding was very nice, marked by a nice absence of comments about fruit bearing, rubber, or roads. Instead, there was a lot of peace and love being spread. Uncle Jeff did not wear the wizard costume. (Fred will need to evaluate the photos to tell us whether he was in fact, a level five mage since I don't know what this means).

At the reception, we were convince that Table 15 was the place to be. We even had some convert visitors. When Steve visited, we convinced him that he should give a speech. We did not convince him to fabricate memories.

Other highlights of the reception: the groomsmen taking pucker shots, lots of dancing relatives, Aaron's theme - "It's Raining Men", Rhiannon - Firehouse's "Finally found the love of a lifetime", somehow we weren't able to get fred (tubluva) drunk enough to stay.

After the reception, some of us had the great idea of hanging out on the beach. Accompanying Ann, Gene, Brothers John & Jeremy, Eliza, Young Cousin Ross and Alex, Matt, Rhiannon, Steve, & me were trusty standbys of cheap liquor such as Mohawk Cherry Brandy, Schnapps of the Rootbeer and Mint varieties. Matt and Rhiannon set up a wetbar on the beach for preparing Gin & Sprite. After Brothers John & Jeremy retired, Young Cousin Ross and Alex disappeared into the woods, those of us laying on the sand tired of it, Ann received a message from the stars telling us that it was time to go home. In helping Ann climb the long dark steps from the beach, Matt and I needed to discourage Ann from long stops to observe drift wood and hairy grass. I'm sure the others had similar adventures with Steve's ascension.

Back at the hotel, we found Nate Nathan looking for cold pizza or chicken. Rhiannon was able to satisfy his request. Taking Ann to the cousins room, we were happy to find Young Cousin Ross asleep in his room. We tried to check on Steve to be sure that he wasn't dead. This required evading the innkeeper with our mad ninja skillz.

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