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notes on the wedding (friday)

another airport delay today. this time, the pilot was worried about loose pedals. after sitting on the runway for about an hour, we transferred to a different flight. Arriving in Kalamazoo fifteen hours behind schedule, I had a couple of hours at home for lunch with my parents and grandma before Jenna picked me up for the wedding.

We arrived at the Lakeside Inn without any major difficulty (though the wedding planners were worried that Jenna had endangered the dresses by driving to Detroit). We mostly sat around the fire meeting, greeting, and waiting for others to arrive or wake up. The best parts of the rehearsal were master of ceremonies, Uncle Jeff1 wearing a wizard costume and Aunt Laurie as wedding coordinator, J. Lo.

Dinner was at Schuler's which is really located at exit 22 or 23. At dinner: strange introductions, pretending to be Jenna's date, many speeches, Grandma Maltby told us stories about Uncle Bill (the eighty-five-year-old hunchback who regularly makes cross country drives only to turn around halfway through upon discovering forgotten luggage or having accidents), Aunt Laurie told us about the four generations of Beryl Maltby (this story left me wanting to call Young Cousin Ross Beryl Maltby part Four).

Back at the hotel more quality time with sugar. In particular, Fun Dip. For the record, there are 150 calories in an entire package of Fun Dip (three sugar packets, two sugar sticks). Twelve ounces of soda have what, 120? Because of the freezingness, the birthday bonfire plans were abandoned. Many skipped the indoor birthday celebration to help me make my scrapbook pages. Due to my extreme procrastination, my theme was fabricated memories based on pictures from WiReD and ReadyMade. Some quality memories: convincing Gao that cross-dressing was a bad idea, discovering that Mr. Christie was a super spy, giant lizards invading the school. This seemed like a really great-slash-funny idea at the time.

(1) From this point on, I've made it a new hobby to refer to people of the Maltby family as if I were one of the cousins.</sup>

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