josh (joshc) wrote,

detroit, but not really

Due to some problems with the landing gear, my flight into Detroit was late. We did some circling because they couldn't tell if the gear had deployed. Then, even though the plane landed successfully, we stopped on the runway and waited for a crew to inspect the tire to see if it was flat. About twenty minutes later, they inserted a pin in the wheel so that we could taxi to the terminal.

I don't really understand how the wheel can support a landing, but can't make it to the terminal.

I got off the plane and ran from terminal A, down the escalator, through the psychedelic tunnel, and up the escalator to my gate. I was pretty excited to get there five minutes before my flight was scheduled to depart. Unfortunately, it was too late.

My dad offered to drive from Kalamazoo to pick me up, but I didn't see the point since it was a choice between getting to Kalamazoo at either 2 or 10 am.

So, now I'm hanging out at the Marriott Courtyard. Which is on airport property. So fun fun fun. I thought about trying to have fun in Detroit, but decided it would be too complicated.

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