josh (joshc) wrote,

a what I did today post

I went to the CHRU and worked on my poster, but decided that I wouldn't be done in time for the afternoon meeting. The day was a lot less stressful after erasing an artificial deadline: an oceanography student came to learn about epidemiology, and all of the office people put together a pretty great halloween party.

In the afternoon, I went back to campus to help with a techfee workshop. It went well (and ended early), but only four proposal authors came. With extra time, I walked up to the bookstore to get something for my dad's birthday. Hooray for the college sweatshirt, the all-purpose gift!

After that, I went downtown to pick up some things for my trip and came home and did laundry. Now I should be packing.

Instead, I watched the West Wing. The pretend debate featuring a carbon copy of George W. Bush was too much. I'm probably just being unnecessarily melodramatic, but the differences between Sorkinland and the last election just feel devastating right now.
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