josh (joshc) wrote,


Since a lot of people are reading You Shall Know Our Velocity, here's a link to an ongoing discussion about the new Dave Eggers book.

Of the reviews of YSKOV I've read, I feel like James Surowiecki's really comes the closest to capturing the point that I took from the story. Why do so many completely focus on the travel aspect? And why have so many reviewers latched on to the phrase Jackass-style adventures? Is this, like manolo blahniks of last season, journalistic laziness or the power of the memepool?

I disagreed with a few things that Daniel Zalewski wrote [the prevailing tenor of the book is gently humorous, Eggers also seems to be making an implicit case for person-to-person charity] and I hope that their discussion doesn't immediately shift the Eggers the Phenomenon.
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