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Since a lot of people are reading You Shall Know Our Velocity, here's a link to an ongoing discussion about the new Dave Eggers book.

Of the reviews of YSKOV I've read, I feel like James Surowiecki's really comes the closest to capturing the point that I took from the story. Why do so many completely focus on the travel aspect? And why have so many reviewers latched on to the phrase Jackass-style adventures? Is this, like manolo blahniks of last season, journalistic laziness or the power of the memepool?

I disagreed with a few things that Daniel Zalewski wrote [the prevailing tenor of the book is gently humorous, Eggers also seems to be making an implicit case for person-to-person charity] and I hope that their discussion doesn't immediately shift the Eggers the Phenomenon.


I agree that James Surowiecki's opinion seems mostly right on. I don't like much of what Dan has to say.
Thanks for pointing this out.
So now there are a bunch of letters, though I get the impression that maybe today (Thursday) is the end of it. But after all this writing, I find that I very, very much agree more with Jim Surowiecki, but even more I don't understand Daniel Zalewski's point of view. He seems to have had so many expectations of the book, and himself, that I'm not surprised he didn't really understand it, or particularly like it.

How could you like something if you spend the entire time you read it worrying about whether you're going to like it or not?

I thought the comparison to Salinger was interesting, too.