josh (joshc) wrote,

typing is just another word for procrastination

I thought that I slept in this morning, but the magic of daylight savings time made my wake up time respectable. I watched some Sunday morning speculation and called home. It had been a few weeks, though I didn't have much to say. My week was really low key due to the cold and the ensuing laziness.

For afternoon entertainment, I went downtown with Ellen to see Reggie Watts. Even though we were behind schedule in arriving at Le Pichet, the scene was devoid of any musical presence. We sat down and wondered whether something had been misinterpreted. A waitress confirmed that we were in the right place at the right time; Mr. Watts was just running late.

A few minutes later, Amy arrived. Many minutes later, Reggie arrived. He set up a bunch of equipment and proceeded to present some possibly acid-induced spur of the moment lyrics. It was pretty insane, but funny and good. He makes amazing bird sounds and had a leaf in his hair.

Now I'm home and half-watching baseball. The other half is divided between paper writing, poster making, waiting for pizza, and typing this.

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