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none of this means anything

I went to have my hair cut this afternoon. Walking into a gas station to buy some mints, I was stopped by a window washing bum. At first he said that he wasn't a bum, but then the story changed when he asked me for eighty cents so that he could buy a burrito, not booze. I gave him a dollar and then he was asking for more money to ride the bus. I don't know, this sort of bothered me.

After the haircut, I walked around downtown and saw the peace marchers arriving in Centennial Plaza. Slightly hungry, I had lunch at Zaina since it was the place that makes Min Lao's Falafel Friend breakdance with joy. The sandwich was, indeed, delightful.

I thought about getting a halloween costume for tonight, but decided that I didn't feel great or social or inspired. When Rachel called to say that she was not going, I thought about an essay and a poster that need to be finished soon. I think I will try to do more than think about those when this baseball game is over.

Damn rally monkeys.
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