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the necessity of editing

pretty usual wednesday. late morning. meetings. out of robutussin all day. tylenol for random aches and pains is fairly effective.

After those obligations, I went to Bartell. Figured I might as well make a tour of the cold remedy aisle and try something new. My chosen remedy left me feeling momentarily drowsy; so I went to Solstice for a latte and to think about ideas for my English paper.

Brendan was there and we talked a little, I took note of some CDs to check out, but I was mostly caught up in my own agenda. I reread parts of The Crying of Lot 49 out of order and wrote pages of questions and thoughts and quotes. I hope that some of it is worthwhile when I look at it again tomorrow. My current thoughts involve Oedipa's paranoia not being irrational.

I think Pynchon uses too many commas. Aside from that, the sentences are amazing.
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