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sick day

I indulged my cold viruses and stayed in bed sleeping for most of the day. I feel like CNN was on all day, but I have no recollection of any news. I guess there was a press conference about the Sniper, George W. Bush said something about the potential for peaceful disarmament and 'regime change' not meaning an actual change of regime in Iraq.

Robutussin, drinking, and 8:30 classes don't mix; so I'm going to skip Dante's tonight. But starting tomorrow, I'm finished being sick.


About the sniper: The news/police said, "we're not sure if this is a terrorist activity."
: /
i heard he said something like "if they get rid of all their nuclear weapons, that would be a regime change"

i love these vague phrases that are so easily redefined.
Of course, I'm not complaining about the possibility for peaceful resolution, but what happened to the chorus of critics who were outraged when Clinton played language games?

Oh yeah. Vast right wing conspiracy...