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i think i'm getting a cold

Today there was laundry and running in the morning. Then a short tech fee meeting in the afternoon accompanied by a slice of cheese pizza. I read a little more of the Dave Eggers novel until I got cold.

Walking home across Red Square, the bricks were covered with chalk. Apparently people want Terry Gray to give them their KaZaA back. Among the pleas for file sharing bandwidth some people were chalking a phrase like "isn't there a war you should be protesting?" with a Napster symbol below.

Later, I met tanukisuit at the Showbox for the Bright Eyes show. She was kind enough to let me buy her extra ticket and hang out with me. The opening bands -- subgroups and various permutations of the orchestra -- were entertaining and talented. When they all came together to form Bright Eyes, it was pretty darn great. How often do you see a bassoon on stage at a rock (emo-country?) show? They completely rocked out, as appropriate. Connor even riled up some anti-war sentiments.

I took some pictures, but they weren't particularly good. A couple surprised me, but I really need to learn how to better use my camera.


please don't be sick, thanks.

messaging tag is better than phone tag any day.

since you asked so nicely ...

I'll see what I can do about that.

But it's still O.K. to drink some Dimetapp Elixer for the great grape flavor, right?



Hell o I am just a random person looking at journals. And I see you have very good musical taste .bright eyes is such a amazing band ahh soo Good, but if you like them you would like my friends sisters band “Carissa’s weird”. Just trying to spread the word

Re: hello

Sarah: I love Carissa's Wierd and try to see them whenever I can. Is your sister Jenn Ghetto or the Sarah Standard?


It would be weird if two sisters had the same name...


Drink lots of OJ and think positive thoughts.

Had a weird dream about you the other night - I was driving to see you, you lived in the middle of Virginia, and then I turned around and came home. Then you were mad so I turned back around and got all the way there. Lots of cement w/graffiti on it. Not sure where that came from.

Re: illness

the positive thought of the moment: it seems like the coughing part of the cold is coming. it is time to move on from Dimetapp Elixer (anti-histimine, decongestant) to something else. Something like, I don't know, NyQuil?

Re: illness

You little Nyquil addict!!!

Re: illness

I changed my mind. I went for the Robutussin. I remember going to hear Douglas Coupland read from All Families Are Psychotic last year, and he was all "tussed-up." Thought it was worth a try. It's alcohol free.

Re: illness

So? How is it treating you?

Re: illness

I'd recommend it to people who want to feel better, but don't want to feel completely drugged-up. However, it only lasts about 4 hours; so there is the potential for needing to take more in the middle of the night.