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more of the same.

Today, being Wednesday, took me to the CHRU for most of the day. Because it was Wednesday, day of meetings, many people were there and I didn't really accomplish much of anything. I printed and read some papers and did some administrative things. A big topic of discussion was the finding that duct tape is more effective than cryotherapy in removing warts.

I returned to campus for a longish GPSS meeting and walked over to the IMA fields to see how the epidemiology flag football team was faring. I only caught the last couple of minutes, but it looked like they had a good turnout. No actual touchdowns, but potential?

After the game, I went for pho with a subgroup of the team. Now. More reading to do. Lot 49 is funny, much better [easier? more accessible?] than other Pynchon I've tried, but it takes time...


are you making a chart of all the characters?

if you do, will you show it to me?
I haven't made a chart. I started to map out the plot of the novel, but stopped on the tenth page. I actually made a little chart for the The Courier's Tragedy, the Jacobian Revenge Play because I kept getting lost.

Maybe if I reread it, a chart would be easier to make. If I decide to do it, you'll be the first to see the results.