josh (joshc) wrote,

more of the same.

Today, being Wednesday, took me to the CHRU for most of the day. Because it was Wednesday, day of meetings, many people were there and I didn't really accomplish much of anything. I printed and read some papers and did some administrative things. A big topic of discussion was the finding that duct tape is more effective than cryotherapy in removing warts.

I returned to campus for a longish GPSS meeting and walked over to the IMA fields to see how the epidemiology flag football team was faring. I only caught the last couple of minutes, but it looked like they had a good turnout. No actual touchdowns, but potential?

After the game, I went for pho with a subgroup of the team. Now. More reading to do. Lot 49 is funny, much better [easier? more accessible?] than other Pynchon I've tried, but it takes time...
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