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This morning, I slept too long after going to bed too early. Eating cereal, spending quality time with Tim Russert and Wolf Blitzer is how I passed the remaining morning hours.

I went to see Moonlight Mile in the afternoon with Ellen. The movie was much less sad than I had expected. Dust particles did not lodge themselves into my eyes at any time during the showing of the film. That said, the principal actors were in top form. I would definitely recommend it to those looking for a good movie to watch. For the price of admission, you'll get a little sad, a little happy, some bittersweet, regular humor and romance, with animal antics thrown in for good measure.

{ Does it seems strange that Jake Gyllenhaal and Susan Sarandon are in several movies that are in current release? }

After the movie, the sky was cloudless and the sun was in my eyes while I was walking down to the public market. The crowds weren't annoying; more visitor-like than touristy. Or maybe there were just fewer of them. I bought fresh Jonagold apples and Bosc pears and drank apricot apple cider and ate cinnamon donuts. These, along with a loaf of multi-grain bread from DeLaurenti were my companions on a crowded bus ride home.


This movie totally made me cry, albeit silently. I thought it was pretty darn sad, or maybe just very affecting.
From the preview, I really expected to be fighting back tears. Maybe it immunized me from the public weeping?

I meant to ask: What did you think of the courtroom scene?
I thought it was a little much and/or a little contrived.
I was moved much more by the scenes of Joe and the parents individually. Like him touching Ben's back while he cried, or talking to JoJo about being able to write again.
I agree. I think that the dialog of that scene would have been much more moving if it had taken place outside of the courtroom. Maybe if he had made the revelation in Holly Hunter's office while preparing for the trial.

Doing it from the witness stand just seemed way to public and unlikely. Why would Holly Hunter let him go on like that?


She really wouldn't have.

I didn't know she was in the movie, which was a pleasant surprise. I really like her.