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story problem

Premise: I'm going to buy a secure digital memory card for my camera.

Select from the following options, or add your own solution:
128 MB SanDisk is $70 at Amazon, where I have a $40 gift certificate.
The same item is $70 at J&R, where there's a $20 rebate.


I'm not sure if this'll apply, but you can buy J&R items through Amazon, so maybe you can use both.

good idea, but ...

I just tried, but gift certificates can't be used for third-party merchants.

thanks anyway!

Re: good idea, but ...

proves what i know about my own company :( well, buy it from amazon anyway!
amazon ships faster than j&r.
that information is not relevant to the story problem!

additional information: amazon charges tax, but has free shipping; J&R charges for shipping, but not for taxes.


yeah it is.. if i can get stuff quicker by a day or two.. it's worth an extra couple bucks..

of course that's a variable based upon my personal demand for the product. Of course if I really want it I'll just go to fred meyers or best buy and get it.
i'm sure i overpayed for the camera because i wanted it right away, so it's completely ridiculous that i'm even thinking about a $20 difference in memory prices. however, i'm not in a hurry to get the additional memory.

i'm pretty sure that the economically correct decision is buying it at j&r as long as i'll spend $40 on something else at amazon.