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where doing a few things seems like progress

I read about a hundred pages of House Made of Dawn this afternoon in the Suzzallo Reading Room. Such a great place to read: impossibly high ceilings, it feels so old and studious, and very quiet. Well, except for the time when maintenance people were reconstructing a table light fixture. Next time, I think I'll pack warmer clothes though.

After I'd finished the assigned reading, I went to get some groceries at Trader Joe's and had a late lunch. Having food at home makes me feel a lot better. If I could only remember my multi-vitamin.

I dozed off a bit during el presidente's speech tonight. Sure, I don't really agree with him and there were the occasional nu-cu-lar, overuse of regime, and gathering threats ... I don't think it was horrible. It did seem tacky that his primetime address was given from some sort of pep rally in Cincinnati. Whatever.

I still have a couple of things to read and write for tomorrow's classes. Back to work.


Thanks. Somehow that gives me slightly more confidence. At the very least, I'd imagine that his speech writers would use phonetic spellings if it was a big deal.

The (wrong/governmental/bomb-specific) pronunciation is so common that I often forget which is correct...