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Aside from the weird encounter with the shoeless guy this morning, I feel pretty good about today: sunny and cool, but not cold and the water-wasting fountain was running.

My first class was at 8:30 and I got a little bit lost trying to find Denny; so I was a few minutes late. I felt slightly better about it when other people stumbled in even later. Still, being late is pretty tacky; yet I have an aversion to earliness. Hmm. Something about high school band and the infamous "Rizzo time" is probably at play here.

Anyway, I think that the class, Memory and Haunting in Contemporary American1 Literature, will be really good. There is still the matter of the add code, but it looks pretty likely. Taking a class that is intentionally unrelated to my program feels like a healthy choice.

Class ended early, leaving time to go pick up the first couple of books (House of Dawn and The Crying of Lot 49) and some general school supplies. Why buying folders, pens, and paper is still fun, I don't know.

With more time to kill, I had breakfast at Solstice which featured my first coffee-beverage in Seattle, maybe ever. It was painful [mild supertaster? 2], but I'm trying to reassess my blanket boycott of coffee products.

Maybe it's the mocha talking, but I was pleasantly surprised by Nutritional Epidemiology. I'm pretty skeptical of nutritional studies and hoped that the course would help to decide whether there's value in any of them. Picking apart flawed research seems to be part of the course objective, so I think I'll stay enrolled. I didn't even go to the potential pathobiology course, since the first two seem like keepers and more than enough to occupy me for the quarter.

Tonight: the first installment of a much-planned, never executed departmental happy hour.

(1) I'm pretty sure this means "United States of America", though someone asked if the professor meant to refer to Mexico and Canada, which lead to a semi-discussion about nation-states, words and history, postmodernism, etc.

(2) oxymoron much?


you've never had coffee in seattle before that?
I can't think of another time in my life that I've had a whole cup of coffee of any type.

I'm not sure if I have the ambition to "acquire" the taste.


you should have a single tall latte with a shot of syrup.

i recommend irish cream or caramel : p
thanks for the suggestions. I'll try to keep them in mind on my whirlwind tour of the wonderful world of coffee.
what's the number of that english class?

spelling error

it's actually the one that you suggested -- 355A: Contemporary American Literature(?) with Gillian Harkins.

Re: spelling error

Harkins, Hawkins, whatev

Re: spelling error

it might matter - email for instance is picky about correct spellings.