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beach, outside

iPhoto is convenient

I've posted nine pages of unedited trip pictures. I have larger versions* if anyone is interested in making prints, but my dante space is already overcrowded.

Sorry to have posted in big batches, but we had occasional wireless issues at the beach house.

* updated: now on Ofoto


looks like a fun trip.
yeah. it's fun to read everyone's slightly different account of it on each of their livejournals.

thanks dude

Josh, thanks for all of your hard work and for your purchase of the digital camera. It's like instant gratification.

I miss you. Come back.

Re: thanks dude

no problemo.

just think of all the material that we have for the next batch of t-shirts! a different picture for every day of the week!
You are seriously like my hero. Fo sho. Thanks for putting all the pictures up somewhere, it's fun to be able to see them and wonder what on earth I have on my camera.

Speaking of which, I'm getting my pictures back today and I got them on CD - what do you think I should do with them? Email them? Post them somewhere (which I have no idea how to do)? Let me know your thoughts on the best way to disperse them to everyone - if they're any good, that is. :-)
hmm. I don't know exactly what the best plan is.

It might be possible to open a fake Yahoo! or Hotmail account that would host the pictures. This would depend on how big the files were... I'll look into it if I have some free time. People might even be able to order prints from one of those sites.
cnet recommends http://www.ofoto.com

maybe we can just make a giant compilation CD when we're all together again. sounds like big wedding fun!


Ok, so I signed up for an ofoto membership and I loaded all your pictures to a photo album in my account, and I'll put mine in another album up there tomorrow and I can put up anyone else's too. This way they are all in one spot and everyone can order prints through ofoto if they want. I'm not totally sure how it's all gonna work, cause i think you have to sign in to get to the albums and stuff, so I guess I could just give out my password or something? Maybe I'll email everyone and see what they think of this idea...I don't know how expensive it might be compared to other options.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Re: ofoto

I guess I didn't see the part about sharing. It is pretty easy to sign-up for an account though.

The photos that I put on the web weren't the highest resolution copies, so if people are keen on ordering from ofoto, I can upload the originals (total = 120 MB) instead of the smaller files (total ~ 20 MB).

Re: ofoto

Ok, I guess we'll see what people say so you don't waste your time loading them if no one wants them, you know? Maybe once I get my pictures up there too, I'll order a couple of pictures just to see how they turn out before everyone else starts ordering them.

Unrelated question: I'm thinking about getting a laptop (work is restricting our computer use more and more, so it makes sense to get a home computer) and so I'm asking people I know who have laptops for their opinions. So, what do you think of your i-book? Would you recommend it? Anything I should know while laptop shopping? Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks!

Re: ofoto

I'm really happy with my iBook. It is really easy to deal with, good battery life, lightweight, and I am a fan of the new operating system (10.2). It's fun to use, and very stable. A lot of good applications come bundled with OS X -- photo, music, video editing, mail, chat, etc. It's built on a UNIX foundation, so it's pretty good at talking to other systems, and you can run ported UNIX/Linux programs pretty easily, expanding the range of software possibilities.

However, depending on what you want to do, you might need to buy new versions of some software. For instance, I bought a Mac license for Stata and got Mac versions of MS Office since I didn't want to use the office suite that was included with the computer. I don't know about what kinds of engineering software are available, so you might want to look into that if you're planning to use it for work.

Depending on how often you're planning to carry it around, you might consider the model with a larger screen. I take mine back and forth to work a lot, so I'm happier with the smaller (12"), but a 14" is also available. If you have lots of money to spend, the titanium PowerBook is a dreamy computer.

Re: ofoto

I'm sooooo glad I read this post first. I was just about to upload all of Josh's pictures onto Ofoto. I have an account, but does that mean I can access your album? I'm not sure how that works. Josh might have a good point...to work on this project together during "wedding weekend".

Re: ofoto

I'll email you a thing inviting you to share my album or something...let me know if it works.

Re: ofoto

yeah, though I wonder if there will be any downtime in the nonstop celebration weekend.


Cindy: Rhiannon can share her book. I think we should all get our own accounts (if we don't already have them) to ofoto and then share our albums. Much the easiest.

Rhiannon: I love my IBM ThinkPad. It's awesome. Everyone I know has one (IBM Headquarters being, oh, 2 miles away and all) and we all love them.