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saturday - another list

Today was probably the only day that everyone left in the house got up early. Admittedly, it was the smallest group of people in the house for one morning, and we did have the deadline of being out of the house by ten o' clock. Given our history of oversleeping for Cedar Point trips, this was still mildly surprising.

Before we could bring our things down to her car, we needed to rid ourselves of the recyclables. A week's worth of drinking and reading filled up the trunk of Jenna's car:

Back at home, we packed up everything that was left at the house and auctioned off the leftover food and drink. I did my part by taking a NutriGrain bar. All the while, the cleaning woman was waiting in the driveway.

With the cars full and the house empty, Jenna and I follow Rhiannon, Matt, and Fred to the offices of Carolina Designs. Even though a final breakfast felt appropriate, none of us were really hungry. With varying degrees of travel ahead of each of us, we have an anticlimatic farewell in the parking lot. Fred refuses hugs.

On the way to Raliegh, we cross three bridges, with many dead birds on the side. I wonder what happens to them? Is there someone with a basket full of dead birds like the garbage / dead fish cart in
South Haven, or do they just toss them over the side?

Driving past the cotton fields, Jenna and I can't resist the temptation. We make an illegal stop to get a closer look at the blooming cotton. I jump over the small ravine for a photo op and leave the field scratched by the plants. We barely escape capture -- as we're leaving, a large truck pulls in the driveway!

A stop at Taco Bell serves as an appropriate endcap to the vacation. Our first meal on the road is our last. Extreme cheese quesadillas as bookends. In Raliegh, we stop at a bookstore. To prepare for the long flight, I buy a New Yorker and J.D. Salinger. By the time we've unloaded Jenna's car and looked at a few pictures, it's off to the airport!

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