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friday - 9/27

After a couple less than perfect days with rain and clouds, we wake up to find a nice, sunny day. This is enough incentive to get to the beach well before the Price is Right. While we're on the beach, a lifeguard on a four-wheeler stops to teach us about rip current and shore breaks. She has diagrams and makes visual aids in the sand. With this advice in hand, only Matt and Fred attempt to brave the especially angry sea.

We spend most of the morning at the beach, eventually fleeing from rising water, wind, blowing sand, fear of sunburn. Today Fred learned that sunburn can occur even before you notice skin discoloration. (i.e., by the time you notice the burning, it's too late.) Strangely, my SPF8 regimin was more than enough to prevent any sunburn.

It's Aaron's last day, so we conduct a farewell lunch at the Rundown Cafe. The menu and food are nearly identical to Tortuga's Lie, though the building is in considerably better shape. Maybe that's how both can claim to have the best fries on the beach? Maybe that's the lie? Anyway, I had a pretty good salad.

After lunch, Aaron leaves for Greensboro and the rest of us play games upstairs. skip bo. death rabbit needs a ham?

Anticipating tomorrow's early morning departure, we try to get ahead of schedule by gathering the recycling. Though we'd planned to make the drop-off before witnessing the sunset, we find ourselves short of time and race to the nearest point of Western exposure. It is not the most scenic viewpoint, but the setting sun was beautiful and provided yet another setting for a photo shoot.

By the time night had fallen, we were much too late to take care of the recycling.

Making further preparations for our impending departure, we make an effort to eat all of the leftover food, drink all of the liquor. We're much more successful in draining the liquor, though once again a little tequila remains. It is truly the drink of last resort.

Rhiannon, Jenna, and I have some intense LiveJournal hyjinks. Maybe too much fun. We make new userpics for everyone and the create a journal for Fred, the tubluva. We are surprised to find that some of the tubluva's interests are shared by other members of the LiveJournal community. We really should not have looked at their User Info pages. Now I think we're probably scarred for life.

As usual, the night ended in the hot tub, though it was one of the calmer nights since not everyone contributed equally to the alcohol eradication efforts. Matt's efforts, however, were particularly valiant.


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