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beach, outside

thursday - 9/26

in list form:

+ we all (-fred) get up early for Jennifer's sendoff breakfast at stack 'em high
+ overcast day and everyone's tired from the early morning. especially laid back afternoon
+ I take a long walk on the beach and see pelicans, waves, the pier that charges $2 for sightseeing
+ on aaron's suggestion, we have dinner at tortuga's lie
+ jenna drinks creative beverages: shark attack
+ we race home to watch Thursday night TV -- just like the old days migrating across campus
+ play some skip bo!
+ we watch late night tv from the hot tub. tina fey is on conan o'brien and jimmy fallon on carson daly is on caron daly -- something for everyone.


late night tv

1) You forgot Donnie Wahlberg on Leno for us

2) What happened in that hot tub after we all went to bed?

Re: late night tv

What happened in the hot tub after we all went to bed? I don't know.

It gets covered and stays warm, waiting for another night of fun?

Re: late night tv

wouldn't you like to know?

Re: late night tv

I guess I'll just be forced to wait until the details appear in Penthouse Forum.