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25 - wed

Starting on Wednesday, the departures begin in reverse order of arrival. Brad and Cindy pack up their things and make the drive back to her brother's house in Irwin</strike> Erwin. The day is overcast, and the beach isn't calling so most of us pile into Aaron's car to go out for lunch. For the record, Aaron's car is a Ford Taurus sedan. There is no "three in the front, three in the back, stack 'em up in the trunk."1 "six in the front, stack 'em up in the back!"

We find a place for lunch, Quagmire's, that features the logo for Pirate University throughout the restaurant. Jennifer's drink comes with an eyepatch and pirate sword, I get one that comes with a Pez dispenser.
On the way home, we stop at the ABC store2, the woman at the cash register likes Jenna since she pursaudes several of us to buy lots of alcohol. Strawberry margarita mix has many uses -- including dessert topping and possibly body paint.

At home, we wait for better weather and play a games: new automated Taboo, more Cheapass games including The Great Brain Robbery where we are zombies trying to get the best brain; government cheese is useful, but you can't win using it.

For the evening entertainment, we play mini-golf at a place called Dr. Hacker. After paying for our games and choosing appropriate colors, we board a train to the diamond course. The train is powered by a modified lawn tractor. At last count, Aaron was the winner. I think that I tied for second place in a recount.

After a couple of stops at the food lion (vegetables, the wrong size garbage bags, coke, tonic, etc), we get home for dinner. Jenna cooks her special macaroni & cheese. Though she says it didn't turn out as expected, everyone enjoys it.

After dinner, we gather around the television to watch our pretend government in action (i.e. the West Wing season premiere). As usual, the evening features a foray into the hot tub and Aaron going to bed early. At the end of the night, we have a trivial pursuit rematch. At first, it seems like Jennifer, Fred, and I will redeem the first night's defeat. Instead, we spend an eternity aiming for the center and make multiple attempts at winning. By the time we answer the final question correctly, Jenna & Matt have accumulated all of the pieces of their pie. Nevertheless, a victory to end the evening.

(1) maybe Jenna can provide the correct language?
(2) entirely different from the Hawai'ian variety

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