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beach, outside


Just got back from the Outer Banks. It probably took me the same amount of time to get from the beach house to Seattle as it took for Matt, Fred, and Rhiannon to get there by car. Nice symmetry, I think. Of course, I had a couple layovers: an hour at Jenna's apartment and a couple hours in Minneapolis.

Both flights were empty. Being able to have extra seats in exit rows really makes flying a lot more tolerable. Still tired though.

All in all, a very non-extreme1 vacation that was a lot of fun. I love that we can show up, live together for a week as a mostly cohesive group, enjoy ourselves, and refrain from killing each other.

I have lots of pictures to post and lists from the past few days that I might turn into entries. That sounds like a good Sunday morning activity...

(1) Well, there was the Extreme Cheese Quesadilla at Taco Bell this afternoon ...


Welcome back. =)


Are you a Caribbean Amphibian? Do you like to hop in the tropical sea?
i miss you. glad you're safe. i dreamt of seattle last night. let me know when the pics are up. people (my friends here) keep asking to see them!!
I might look into other options if people are interested in making prints, but for now, the pictures are here --

Nice photography Josh. You were in Minneapolis!! Did you see how "nice" the weather was last week. 50's when we arrived!!
Holy Shit!! My new picture is of Aaron :) Thanks Jenna.

Josh, I do want copies of some of the pictures. How do I do it?
yeah. you should also have one of brad with the PEV chalkboard. you can choose which one goes with your posts.
I'm not exactly sure. There's a way to do it from my computer, but there's probably another way. Several companies offer the ability to make prints from digital photos. One recommendation is http://www.ofoto.com

If you have a list of pictures that you might like for making prints, let me know and I'll see what I can do. On the web page, each picture is numbered 0-177. I also have a couple of faked group photos. Even if it's just uploading them to Ofoto, that will be faster for me than sending them all 180. Most of the copies on my computer are suitable for 4x6 or 5x7 prints.
yeah. i was in Minneapolis for almost two hours! as soon as I got off the plane, I needed to put on a sweatshirt!