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some things from sunday

After an extended morning, we spent the bulk of the afternoon at the beach across the street from our house. The
waves were big near the shore. They seemed potentially surfable. SPF 8 was sufficient to avoid a sunburn.

Jennifer arrived tonight.

We made Mexian food for dinner and watched the Emmy Awards. Downstairs, Jennifer & Rhiannon videotaped Aaron's revelation of high school indescretions. After the awards, we played pool. Really, Matt and Fred played and Jennifer and I occasionally caused a ball or two to go into a pocket.

Jenna led us on a clandestine expedition to the ocean.

The display of underwear.

I've nearly exhausted my supply of reading material. At the grocery store, the cashier couldn't think of a bookstore
anywhere in the area. She thought there might be something in a town called Duck, but I have no idea where that is.

Maybe that will be part of tomorrow's adventure.