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today and tomorrow


Today I went to the CHRU, had a meeting, hung out to do some work and looked up some stuff on medline. After work, I met my uncle Cris and Mark at the Edgewater where they're staying. They have a balcony overlooking the water, but we didn't do any fishing.

After hanging out a bit and fixing the fireplace we had dinner at Etta's. I had a non-seafood meal (ravioli) which was very good. After dinner, Cris drove me home. I hope he doesn't get too lost on the way back!

Tomorrow: I need to pack for NC, do some laundry, maybe go to Best Buy to look at digital cameras before going to the Mariners game.

(p.s. they have two extra tickets to tomorrow's Mariners game if anyone wants to go.)


digital camera

Do you want one for yourself? Because Aaron P. is bringing his sister's. FYI. Tell Cris (Charles) I said "hi".


Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Re: digital camera

yeah, we see how that plan turned out.