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Today I went to a meeting about surveying people. Apparently, many campus entities survey students about technology. It took a vice provost with a long title to come up with the idea that consolidation might be a good thing.

... looked at an apartment this afternoon.

Later, reading on the HUB lawn some guy was recruiting potential focus group participants. I think that market research sounds a hundred times better than jury duty!

I was going to have southern food with Elena & Charles tonight, but that plan was complicated by my sort of passing out while listening to NPR. And I had little confidence that it would be easy to find southern food that was not high in dead animal content.


southern food

What is southern food? Exactly? Like, fried okra? Collard Greens? Pimento Cheese? None of those things are dead animals.

Re: southern food

good question! I guess I could've eaten a bunch of side dishes. Then again, Elena thought that they might throw bacon in for good measure. And I didn't feel that wonderful, since I had a bad hummus sandwich for lunch ... Alas, no southern food for me.

Re: southern food

So where does one go to get southern food in Seattle? I think you may be right about the bacon . . . you never know when they'll throw that in.

Sorry about the bad hummus. I was looking at the menu at the Flying Saucer for you, to see if there are some options for you. And, yes, there is a veggie wrap, but it has hummus (not sure if you'll be in the mood). There are some salads that you could order w/out meat, also nachos.

If none of that sounds appetizing once you're off the plane, we can stop and get you something somewhere else before we head to the bar.

I can't believe you are going to be here TOMORROW.