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today is now yesterday. but that's O.K.

hi. i squandered the morning. went downtown for a burrito, and spent most of the afternoon working on the techfee survey instead of doing actual work involving epidemiology At least I was using Stata!. I always feel guilty in the presence of other people who are slaving away at other more meaningful tasks.

I read a great article in Wired1 about Dartmouth and its wireless campus. I'm sold. I feel like a wireless campus should be my mission next year. The stupid greenhouse at MSU never panned out, I need a good major capital expenditure.

There were a lot of people at Dante's tonight. Some things to remember: not-Mike = Martin; not-Elvis = Paul; not a woman = Kelly; not a man = Sam. Liquid Pez contains Southern Comfort and doesn't really taste like Pez, but the aftertaste is comparable. All in all, a fun night. Too bad next week is a boycott week!

(1) Thanks jenna_marie!
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