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the few things I did today are summarized here

Hmm. I rode my bike to the locks in Ballard and sat on the big stepped hill to read the Jeffery Eugenides short story that Ellen sent me. There were grey seagulls there, moving in packs and making strange sounds. They were pretty fantastic. And the story was good too. I think I'll want to read Middlesex when it's released this fall. I have a feeling that some of the greek stuff that seemed showy in short story form will have a point in the novel.

On the way home, I stopped at Sonic Boom to buy some music. Waxwing was playing a free in-store, so I stayed longer than I'd planned, but left before they were finished because I wanted to get home before dark.

There were lots of bugs in the air tonight. Maybe they wouldn't be noticeable for people walking, but on a bike it's much more unpleasant.

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