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Walking across campus today, I noticed that all of the fences that were surrounding the Suzzallo Library had been removed. Landscaping is now in progress. This little development felt really exciting since it has always been under renovation while I've been in Seattle. I remember arriving and thinking that it would be a long time before the ugly fences were gone. And now they are.

Other than that, I had a TechFee meeting and spent most of the day working on the T-shirts for the trip to the Outer Banks later this month. I think I'm almost finished.


What does one do at a TechFee meeting?
As you probably know, each UW student pays $37 per quarter ($111 per academic year) for the Student Technology Fee. The funds are administered by a committee of students. Departments apply for technology funding in the Autumn and the committee evaluates the proposals during the Winter Quarter.

During other parts of the year, the committee makes internal policy decisions, supervises staff, handles requests to modify proposals, receives annual reports, etc.


Sounds like a blast!

But seriously, it's great that you're involved in the decision-making process.
a barrel of monkeys does not begin to describe the fun