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I read the news, listened to NPR for a while, and went to work for the afternoon. For the most part, going to work means making my way through Learning Perl for no particular reason except that I thought that it would be fun.

Tonight I'm going to see The Good Girl, so if anyone wants to go we're meeting at Flowers around 8.


How did you feel about The Good Girl?????

the good girl

I thought that the movie was very honest.

And a little sad, but I guess it's not uncommon for some sadness to accompany truth. I liked it. The performances of Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal and the rest of the cast were were very good. It had a good mix of seriousness, humor, and bleak reality. I think it's rare for a movie to not embellish love stories, so it was nice. Even though we don't necessarily like or agree with her options, they're pretty authentic and believable.

So yeah. Did you see it?

Re: the good girl

I did see it, and loved it. I also thought the performances were awesome. It was sad, but like you said, authentic. I also just saw "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Which was also good.

why I won't rush out to see my big fat greek wedding

from the onion:

Movie Works Out Exactly As Audience Hoped
ALTOONA, PA—Moviegoers at Clearview Cinema's 9:30 p.m. showing of My Big Fat Greek Wedding expressed delight Saturday, when the romantic comedy worked out exactly as they had hoped. "It was heartwarming enough to see the two young lovers get married after all they'd been through," said Janet Garlin, exiting the multiplex. "But to see the bride reconcile her feelings toward her crazy family? That was like a special bonus." Garlin said she hadn't been this satisfied by a movie's ending since the last movie she saw.


I think it's sad that you won't see a movie just because it has a happy ending. The movie is F-in' hilarious. You're missing out.

Re: sad

not because of the happy ending. because of the predictable happy ending.