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today was monday.

I talked to my mom this morning, mostly to try to clear up some questions that the UW had about my insurance. They really don't believe that I'm not covered by anyone else and keep wanting additional forms of proof. It is really silly since the reimbursement amount is pretty trivial. I'd just like to have it out of the way, settled.

I'm always a little surprised how well my parents function without any kids in the house. It's nice and unexpected.

In the afternoon, I went to the office and did a little bit of work. I finally got around to circulating a pre-publication manuscript; so I will have comments to deal with over the next couple of weeks. Then a poster to make for the conference in November.

I really need to decide what I'm doing next quarter in terms of classes and projects. So far, there a couple of classes that might be worthwhile. I'd like to maybe take something non-public health just for fun. Alas, there is no Icelandic.

Tonight was Kate's birthday. She had a nice little party at her apartment in Ballard; so I missed Dante's.1 I didn't realize that I knew her roommate until tonight. A guy brought a black lab puppy to the party. I'm totally ready to have a dog, but that seems really unlikely especially since I have no desire to settle for a "small dog."

(1) Actually, people are probably still there, but I'm not really motivated to go right now.

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