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all the bands were fantastic. the shins & death cab for cutie in particular. both seemed thrilled to have such big happy audiences. at one point, the guys from the shins convinced the audience to do the wave. i think that might have been the highlight of their tour.

i'm glad i decided to go. it was better to be a there instead of here.



How were Sonic Youth and Modest Mouse?

Re: but

oh, since it was my first live modest mouse & sonic youth experience, I'm not claiming any expertise. but modest mouse playing live in a stadium on an cloudy day with sunbreaks? accompanied by a falafel sandwich? not bad at all. they played a lot of songs that I knew, so that was a bonus. and then sonic youth seemed at the top of their game and made some pretty incredible noises.

neither band was particularly chatty, but that's ok.

other things that won me over from the shins show: Neal (the bass player) thanking the audience for choosing rock over Jesus, and speculating on whether Signs would've been scarier if the aliens were replaced with 3000 Jesuses, asking the audience to do the "Bizkit wave" during a song. Oh yeah, and "New Slang" is pretty much the perfect pop song. people raised lighters and cell phones.

And Death Cab for Cutie: making fun of Prodigy's stage banter at Leeds, crazy guitar solos, bartering for memorobilia from stage ... and most of their lyrics are complete sentences!

Did I mention how happy both of these bands were to have filled Key Arena?

I just think about how sad it was at Guided By Voices last year when the place was practically empty.

Re: but

Yes, I was at the Henry Rollins Band (dear god, not by choice) last year and it was empty & pretty depressing.