josh (joshc) wrote,

saturday - bumbershoot

ok. so i was rather unenthusiastic about today's bumbershoot schedule, but i went to hang out anyway. that was a total underestimate. In addition to Sushirobo, the circus acts, modern dance; some highlights:

holy shit. there was some really good stuff. for instance, Blackalicious was incredible. It was one of those perfect moments. We left Ani DiFranco after not feeling sufficiently guilty about being white, oppressive, or whatever and got in line at Key Arena. The line stopped and it didn't look like we'd get inside. Some people bailed out, but a few minutes later, they let in a flood of people. whee!

We had some dinner and decided to go the the comedy "mystery date." Again, among the last into the theater, we waited to find out who would be providing the entertainment. It started with a random comedian who was mediocre, but then ... the best thing EVER ... Janeane Garofalo! She was very funny -- I would really like to have dinner with her on a regular basis. Maybe we could have have a few cynical kids, I don't know... I felt a little sorry for her during her rant on the VMAs, I felt like she and I were the only ones there who watched the them.

Then Lou Reed. I had no expectations, so I wasn't disappointed. However, I have a feeling that Velvet Underground fans were not thrilled with his rendition of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven."

At the end of the night, I saw Aveo & Primrosa at the Liquid Lounge. I had intended to go to Bryan's party, but by the time Aveo finished playing two sets, I was too tired to continue on, so now I'm home ready for bed, watching the Capital Gang.

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