josh (joshc) wrote,

god this post sucks.

I started the day with cereal and yogurt. O.K. That is stupid, but I was really thrilled to find that there was still edible yogurt (blueberry!) in my refrigerator. Yes, it is time to go to the grocery again.

All morning, I was really was under-motivated. Taking a step toward doing something, I met Ellen at Evan's since she was leaving and had an item for me, Fraud by David Rakoff. After a little bit of mourning, Amber took me downtown to work. This seemed like a good idea.

However, I mostly talked on the phone (my mom called) and on the computer. Then Jenna told me that the VMAs were on the MTV, so I decided to go home and surrender to my laziness. So far so good: highlights include all kinds of jumping, Rudy Guiliani calling J. Lo "Jennifer", Eminem getting booed and admitting that MTV "made him somebody."
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