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not much of an entry, but here it is anyway

What if I couldn't think up anything great to write except that all the clouds went away and left perfect weather? I'm sure there's some news out there, but it's probably about the war or kidnapped girls.

For the record: Last night Dante's was fun. Among other things, I learned about hipster hairstylists, options and items. Nacho pots are a good option.

Here's a nice link: an interview with Dave Eggers about his new book, You Shall Know Our Velocity.


is Dante's where you go to play trivia? is this the trivia that lots of bars across the way have trivia? like if i went to a bar here that has it, could i play against you? assuming that we are playing at the same time?

send the sunshine this way. it's been cloudy for 2 days and it's very unreal.
there isn't any trivia at dantes_crew

but there are many good options at dantes.
hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why did I think you did trivia there?
well. i was once in the habit of going to pubs to play trivia on tuesday nights.

that trivia was not the electronic variety. it was a person reading questions, and the people in the pub would write the answers on paper. at the end of a round, they'd be scored. that's why the english pub called it quiz night.

we stopped doing this because some of the people who go to graduate school get a little upset about not knowing every single thing in the universe. this causes great dispair or something. not everyone is familiar with the concept of hanging out in bars and using trivia questions only as a method to pass the time. instead, they get discouraged, tired, or both.

but quiz night and dante's have always been separate events, different people.
Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up for me.