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a link about war

Slate applied Tom Delay's criteria for attacking Iraq and came up with at least nine other countries that deserve the wrath of the US military.


yeah.. north korea should be our priority as far as i'm concerned.
so, every time I turn on the news, or open a newspaper, it's "should we attack Iraq, or shouldn't we". whatever happened to the element of surprise?

the element of surprise

well, that's one of the reasons that george bush doesn't want to make his case to congress. I find it ironic that when we've been attacked one of the biggest complaints is that they were unprovoked surprise attacks.

The whole war feels inevitable and wrong.

As much as I'm against weapons of mass destruction, I don't understand why people think our weapons are just peachy while Iraq's are evil.

Re: the element of surprise

I don't understand a lot of people's thinking.

Re: the element of surprise

neither do I. maybe it's better that way. not understanding.

though it's hard, the not trying to figure it all out.