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Cirque du Soleil pretty much redefine amazing. Most people would be lucky to move that way in dreams. After a while, you start to forget that it's not impossible to fly, flip, balance, and contort, it's just really really difficult and requires an insane amount of strength and training and mechanics. Physics rarely looks so nice. I think the most incredible act was the kids skipping rope, which I could not possibly explain in a way that would do justice to the performers. 1

The "clowns" ... not so much.

(1) Despite that praise, I have issues with people who feel obligated to give a standing ovation. It should be immediate or not at all.


I saw Cirque perform Quidam in June, and I don't know how similar the two shows are, but I agree with you on all counts. I think I would have enjoyed the show more if they had done away with the clowns altogether - if I wanted clowns I'd go to see the Barnum & Bailey Circus! But yeah, it was so amazing to me to see people move so gracefully and do such amazing things with just their bodies and a few little props.

I really want to go to Las Vegas and see O, one of their permanent shows, because it looks even more amazing than the one I've seen...
before going to Dralion, I didn't know that they had so many shows. There are two in Las Vegas alone! O does sound awesome if only for all the water.


The whole reason I want to see it is because of the water! I saw something on Bravo about it once and it looked amazing.
Did you take any pictures? (Are you even allowed to?)
no pictures allowed, but they have a pretty (flash) website:
cirque du soliel | dralion