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i feel like napping.

I dropped off my thesis and graduation warrant this morning. Bernie, my inspector, didn't notice that one of the signature pages was a copy and allowed the improper spacing. It wasn't busy at all. I'd expected it to be a cliche scene out of a movie with people camped out in a long line. I definitely didn't need the music & reading materials that I packed to pass the time.

To mark the exciting occasion of "graduating," the receptionist shook my hand and offered me some peanut M & M's. Wow, indeed.

I walked up to the yuppieland University Village to hang out with young mothers, their children, and dogs. Really, I went to buy my grandma a birthday card, some little gifts, and to ship them off at an express rate almost equal to the cost of the contents.

Doing laundry now, meeting later, and then the french circus tonight.
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