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i don't know what i can save you from.

ok. so today I dealt with more signature collection across state lines 1, and it turns out that i'll be able to graduate this quarter, which is nice. at long last a somewhat useful degree.

tonight, I met Ellen at Solstice for a CD exchange2 and then went with the Rachel etc. for Marnie's tour of capitol hill. We started at Linda's and went to the Comet. Marnie wanted to sing a Pat Benetar song, but she, Rachel, and Carole decided to leave before it was her turn.3 I stayed and hung out with Travis, Ellen, et al. for a little longer (but I still missed Travis's big number4), and met up with the rest of the group at the Summit. It was really less difficult to find than I'd imagined.

Yay! Carole remembered to leave my bag on rachel's porch, so i could get into my apartment! Also, I just opened a letter that told me that I'd been accepted to the PhD program, so I can stay and be a student for a little while. This is a relief, since I'd psyched myself up to be rejected.5

Tomorrow: off to the graduate school to turn in my thesis...

(1) Bruce is in Oregon, but he can sign my thesis next week as long as I sign a contract with the graduate school.
(2) Ellen's Looper Up A Tree for my Kings of Convenience Quiet Is the New Loud
(3) Marnie has a good excuse for leaving since she's still on EDT, but the others -- not so much.
(4) A perfect karaoke song, but I can't remember what it was supposed to be.
(5) Maybe this is why I waited until now, when I'm a little tipsy to open the letter?

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