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overdosing on echinacea

Trivia night at Murphy's was so much harder that I'd ever have guessed. I was imagining one of those automated games with little computers that interact with a satellite for multiple choice questions. Instead, it was this woman sitting on a stage asking questions. We had to write the answers on a piece of paper and then she would grade them.

We did all right in the first round with a surprising 17 out of 30. Things went way down hill in the next round with like 11 out of 25. The questions were seriously difficult and I was actually surprised by our scores both times. Next time we need to recruit some more people to assist us in our cause. And get there earlier so that we can get a table and maybe some food.

In between rounds, I learned that I am not so good at darts. We weren't really playing an official game though, so it doesn't really count as full-out suckitude.
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