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so far today ...

This morning afternoon, I met Ellen & Amber at Solstice. After talking on the porch for a while, it was decided that we needed to go for a ride in the country. We picked up Azure & Mike and drove to a waterfall near Snoqualmie. It was a very nice hike, even though all participants were wearing sandals.

The water was freezing, and the smooth rocks were slippery. Watch out for brown algae, it is the slipperiest. Occasionally, people sitting on the deck of their cottage would watch us. [free business idea: cabincams.com?]

We did not do so well with understanding time and distance. Driving back to Seattle, we realized that we would arrive too late to see the tall ships. Alas, no garden of grog or gun battles, but a fun day nonetheless.

Now I'm just hanging out at home, listening to my new CDs and trying to watch part of the Traffik mini-series from the Sundance Channel.


I love it when you use that pic. It's my fav.
well, it was some of your finest work!
we need to put a bunch of us around that there tree, handcuff us and tell Mr. Bush to leave our trees alone.