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Since I was in Fremont, I couldn't resist a trip to Sonic Boom for some more CDs. I bought the new Bright Eyes, and the old Kings of Convenience1 and Looper. I should make a list of all the stuff I bought this week, so my mom can connect frivolous consumer goods to the birthday check she sent me.

The guy ahead of me in line was carrying a newly purchased McSweeney's and was trying to buy Source Tags & Codes by ... Trail of Dead, but he only had a check 2. I felt like loaning him the money to reward his double good taste, but I think that would have been strange.

After seeing Some Like It Hot the drag competition pre-show made a lot more sense. It was hosted by Ben, a funny Trowel, so it was entertaining in its own right, but we didn't appreciate its significance assuming it was general Fremont funkiness. I suppose that's our fault for going to a movie without knowing anything about its plot.

Anyway, it was pretty good for a screwball 1950's comedy of cross-dressing to avoid mob violence. I think it's the first Marilyn Monroe movie I've seen.

After the movie, lots of people converged on Kate's apartment to hang out in celebration of my birthday. Damian even brought a cake! He also shared an Argentina tradition, pulling on the birthday person's ear: one tug for each year, plus one for luck. I don't think he was making it up.


(1) In honor of missing their show at the EMP.
(2) Checks are no longer accepted at the Sonic Boom.



yes.. and being the best record store (chain) in seattle.