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Since I was in Fremont, I couldn't resist a trip to Sonic Boom for some more CDs. I bought the new Bright Eyes, and the old Kings of Convenience1 and Looper. I should make a list of all the stuff I bought this week, so my mom can connect frivolous consumer goods to the birthday check she sent me.

The guy ahead of me in line was carrying a newly purchased McSweeney's and was trying to buy Source Tags & Codes by ... Trail of Dead, but he only had a check 2. I felt like loaning him the money to reward his double good taste, but I think that would have been strange.

After seeing Some Like It Hot the drag competition pre-show made a lot more sense. It was hosted by Ben, a funny Trowel, so it was entertaining in its own right, but we didn't appreciate its significance assuming it was general Fremont funkiness. I suppose that's our fault for going to a movie without knowing anything about its plot.

Anyway, it was pretty good for a screwball 1950's comedy of cross-dressing to avoid mob violence. I think it's the first Marilyn Monroe movie I've seen.

After the movie, lots of people converged on Kate's apartment to hang out in celebration of my birthday. Damian even brought a cake! He also shared an Argentina tradition, pulling on the birthday person's ear: one tug for each year, plus one for luck. I don't think he was making it up.


(1) In honor of missing their show at the EMP.
(2) Checks are no longer accepted at the Sonic Boom.

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