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consumer culture

Walking across campus this afternoon to pick up a prescription1, everything felt really quiet, like Girlfriend in a Coma, where most of the world just fell asleep at the same time. Am I evil for thinking that' might be nice?
I sat under a tree by the HUB to read some of McSweeney's on one of the few remaining patches of green grass in Seattle 2. I stayed for a while, until it looked like the people who hit each other with sticks were reaching a quorum. If the kid whose pants were actually sagging below his buttocks didn't kill the tranquil mood, the medieval fighters definitely would have.

At home, I conversed with Jenna with the wonderful world of instant messaging. I tried to multi-task and play Scrabble, but I kept losing when I'd get caught playing fake words.

I met Rachel & Pancho to see Y Tu Mama Tambien again. Mostly because I was bored and getting out of the apartment and interacting with other humans sounded like a good thing. Before the movie, we had mojitos at Ruby. If you're in the area and need a perfect summer drink you're really doing yourself a disservice if you skip the opportunity to have one for the low price of $3.

On second viewing, I tried to pay more attention to the actors and the scenery instead of the subtitles. The movie felt more heavier or more depressing this time.

On the way home, I dropped in to Tower to buy some CDs to appease my craving for new music.

(1) Claritin-D. I've been out for a few days and am starting to wonder whether I really need it. Maybe it's still hanging out in my system?

(2) I am conflicted about the grass situation. I am not a fan of mowing the lawn, so I should like the dead brown maintenance-free grass situation. At the same time, I can't deny the goodness of soft green grass.


not evil to feel this way, just freaky.

Of course, the practical aspects would be pretty horrible and not at all worth it. I suppose a couple magic hours of quiet -- free from traffic, news of war & kidnapping, and the general noise of people -- can be achieved without mass extinction.
Claritin D - that stuff rocks and it does stay in your system. Go w/out it for many a day and you'll see.

Green grass - what's that? We only have 50 days worth of water in Cary - watering is no longer allowed. Neither is:
-car washing
-power washing
-planting new grass
-other stuff that wastes water (fountains)

oh, and - more heavier?
I went without it for a few days and survived. I think that's good, though it could convince people to stop taking it!

Yes, in the long run, I think that water conservation is much better than unnaturally green grass. Now, if we could just convince Southern California ...

more heavier: eek! bad editing.