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hi. thanks to everyone who voted in the decision 12 August poll. Even though the "both" people were probably right, I broke the tie and just went to Mum. I went late, aiming to miss the opening act and arrived just as Mum1 was getting started. I-Spy was packed, and it was really hot upstairs.

You might listen to a Mum CD and think, "wow. this is pretty good." But then, seeing them live is completely surprising because they are incredibly cute and stunningly talented. They play musical chairs with the instruments and it is so much more organic than I would have ever guessed. Too lazy to look at the back of the CD for the credits, I assumed that a great deal of the sounds came out of a computer. But onstage, there are accordions, weird kazoo-like flutes, guitars, drums, and lots of instruments in addition to PowerBooks and mixers.

So if you haven't already written them a valentine by the end of the show, try to resist when they specify the terms of their encore, "this will be our last song ... unless you do that clapping thing2."


(1) Sorry, I don't know how to make the accent mark over the "u."
(2) corrected, a follow-up quote.

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