josh (joshc) wrote,

the rest of the evening went like this

I went to Graceland and played arcade games while I waited to see if anyone would show up. Actually, I left a little early because I was worried that it would be sold out, but that turned out to be completely irrational. Anyway, after being defeated by the tricky flying Galaga bugs, I had much better luck with Ms. Pac Man.

Kate decided to come, so that was exciting. We hung out for a little bit and accidentally missed the Terror Sheets. We went in to hear Six Parts Seven. They had a nice experimental vibe going, sort of heavy on the lullaby theme though.

Carissa's Wierd was quietly enchanting as usual. I was mildly disappointed that they played almost entirely from their new album without mixing in any of their old stuff. Of course, I can't really think unhappy thoughts about a band with such a shy, understated stage presence. Their new material is pretty good, though I'm looking forward to listening to the CD since their voices will be better mixed.
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