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oh boy.

Nick finally had comments for me on my thesis today, so I went downtown to talk to him & to eat a bagel since I've run out of breakfast foods. He didn't have anything dramatic to say -- mostly the same as others: apply the machete. It looks like I'll be able to finish in time to be done by the end of summer.

I think this is a good thing,

I'm going to have dinner at Flowers with Rachel, Carole, and the guy who lives in Elena's shed. Strange.


I think that it's a good thing, too .

When you are here, and we have hours in the car together (fun:) I think that you should update me on your friends. They sound quite interesting.

I had a dream that Elena was your g/f and you were hiding it from us.

Totally possible don't you think?

your dream

I don't think it's totally possible. Elena and Charles got married in their backyard last month. Rachel performed the ceremony.

Though it is strange. One time, Elena told me that she had a dream that we were soulmates in a cheesy movie sort of way. Maybe you're tuned in to the same dream network?

Re: your dream

That's REALLY weird about Elena's dream, too.

Yeah, I totally know your friends have their own thing goin' on, I just think it's possible for you to date someone and be dating them forever b/c you never tell anyone and no one asks. That's all.

Re: your dream

yes. I know. Unfortunately, I'm more boring than secretive.

Re: your dream

you could never be boring - you're too fun!