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ok, incoherent and uncapitalized.

again, i woke up way too early, fell asleep after blocking the light from getting to my eyes, and stayed in bed too long. too long for what? i really have no schedule this summer.

after going downtown for a meeting and quality editing time, i went home, read the scrabble book, and coordinated september travel plans with jenna. the joy of instant messaging, orbitz, and sorting through hundreds of potential flights...

now i'm off to rachel's house. evidently, some old friends of hers invited themselves over to use her hot tub for a going away party. this should be interesting.


This isn't quite related to your post, but I've been meaning to tell you that I got your check for the trip, so thank you. I got it the day I left for Arizona, so I haven't had a chance until now to let you know that I did receive it and it's not lost in the mail. And I loved the sticker and the slide! I mean, a check is so boring, especially when the money isn't really for me, so it was fun to have some surprise treats. Thanks a ton!!!!

Only a month and a half to go!