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on the ave, a dancing homeless person was predicting snow.

After my responsible, homeworky yesterday, I needed to have a little diversion. So, I went to see the Royal Tennenbaums this afternoon. For anyone who wasn't already convinced, this film proves the genius of Wes Anderson. I think it is the perfect movie for our times. Whatever that means. It was simultaneously beautiful to look at, funny, and heartbreaking . Well, maybe not heartbreaking, but there was some definite melancholy. Seriously, this film is a huge achievement and awards should be piled up at its front door.

After the movie I did some ever so fun shopping for school supplies since my notes were starting to pile up around my room. About every little kid in Seattle was lined up in the University Bookstore to see a famous person. It was kind of unsettling.

Having satisfied my need for entertainment, I went to Solstice to fuel my obligation to so some reading about emerging infectious diseases. It is so much easier to get reading done when tasty beverages are involved.

And now there's some torture gameshow on instead of the Simpsons. The world is going to hell in a handbasket!

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