josh (joshc) wrote,

I went downtown this afternoon to have my hair cut. When that was finished, I walked to the public market where the people like to move in slow motion. For a minute, I considered the possibility that I shouldn't be in a hurry. Then I realize that I'm not in a hurry, they are just moving so slowly. They are probably on vacation and don't like to move.

I bought some Rainier cherries and fresh blackberries along with some terrible foods. A slice of pizza and fresh donuts from the cool little machine. I only ate a few of those, because after the first one, they tasted like burning.

I still felt like wandering; so I visited Elliot Bay and found too many things to buy so I left empty handed. The best part of going to Pioneer Square was seeing that the Pergola has been resurrected. When did that happen?
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