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Since I don't feel inspired to do anything else, I think that I'll try to get some homework done. It's always a good idea to not to fall behind after only one week.

In other procrastination news, I think that I'll finally have to break down and get some groceries. As much fun as it is to live off of baked potato chips and leftover pizza, I think that a more balanced diet might be in order.


I hear ya!!

I overdose everyday on McDonald's and Totinos pizzas. It's a wonder I'm able to keep my figure!! Hee Hee but I have a booty...I mean, beauty secret!!

Oh and who needs homework?? I NEVER get my studying done in time for tests and finals!!

My name is Samara by the way

Re: I hear ya!!

yeah -- I think that the lack of fresh vegetables and fruit could be responsible for my lack of motivation today. As for the homework, I feel like I should be doing something and it's pretty low-impact.